Fueled by super botnets, DDoS attacks grow meaner and ever-more powerful
by Dan Goodin – Apr 17, 2013 7:00 am UTC, arstechnica.com

Coor­di­nat­ed attacks used to knock web­sites offline grew mean­er and more pow­er­ful in the past three months, with an eight-fold increase in the aver­age amount of junk traf­fic used to take sites …

Attacks getting bigger and badder at an alarming rate.


What we know about the Boston terrorist attack

Faith Karimi, CNN, cnn.com

What we know about the Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath

(CNN) — Two days after explo­sives killed three peo­ple and injured more than 180 dur­ing the Boston Marathon, details con­tin­ue to trick­le in as inves­ti­ga­tors sort…

What is known about the Boston Marathon Bombing.

What we know about the Boston terrorist attack

So Close, Yet So Far | Runner’s World & Running Times
Amby Burfoot, runnersworld.com

We had already start­ed our cel­e­bra­tion of anoth­er com­plet­ed Boston Marathon. With lit­tle more than a half-mile to go, John and Megan Valen­tine and I were dis­cussing how we could pos­si­bly improve on a great cor­ner­ing photo (Here­ford…

“… our institutions did not become great by following a path of timidity and cowardice. And we can only hope that, when pummeled, as the Boston Marathon was today, they will rise again, stronger than ever.”

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